How you prepare for a job interview will determine how successful you come out of it. And that doesn’t mean just searching in Google the top questions and answers asked (unless you want to be just another applicant).

If you want to set yourself apart, you need to prepare in a different way and be more ready than ever. We want to set you up for success so we put together the top 5 things you need to do in order to be prepared to land your dream job.

Know your audience

Research the company you are applying to. If you have the name of the interviewer, research him/her also and try to find something in common that you can use during the interview to create a connection.

One of the key questions you will be asked is to explain why you applied to that position in that company. Make sure that you have a very compelling and solid story. Identify a some key factors that make it a great fit for you (your experience, personality, goals).

Also look into your Linkedin network and see if you can talk to someone that works or worked there before the interview.

Whenever possible, try to use their products or services and research any news on the company.

Understand the job and compare it with your qualifications

Read very carefully the job description and identify the key skills required. Then think about your own skills and map them together.

Find specific examples and experiences from your professional life that can demonstrate that you have the required skills.

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Prepare the perfect answers

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Anticipate the questions and prepare the answers

Think carefully about the key concepts you want to leave the interviewer with. Research which are the most common job interview questions and answers and then rehearse your own.

Rehearse out loud and if possible get feedback on how you delivered. You can also look for professional services like FasterSkills and get custom feedback with specific actions to improve.

Practicing the answers will boost your confidence, reduce your anxiety level and ensure you don’t forget to deliver all the key messages you selected.

Prepare all logistics in advance

Check where the interview is going to be the day before. Plan to arrive there around 15 minutes earlier (not too early as it gives the impression you are desperate and is usually annoying for the interviewer).

Also prepare (and try on) what you are going to where the night before so you don’t have last minute issues that can increase your level of stress. Remember, all the small details count! So shine your shoes, iron your suit and shirt, check for loose hems, and make sure your fingernails look manicured. People notice everything!

33% of managers say that they know if they are going to hire that person during the first 90 seconds. This means that they will make the decision without you talking about technical things about the position and based on the first interaction and look. Make that first impression count!

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Make your answers stand out

Ready to check how the interviewer will like your answers? Send it to our experts to learn what you are doing well, if there are any red flags and how to fix them.

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Prepare questions for the interviewer

There are two reasons why you want to make questions, good questions, to the interviewer. Firstly, because they expect you to do it. Use the questions in your favor, showing what your interests are and how you like to work. It may be your last opportunity to impress the interviewer!

Secondly, because you should also learn more about the company and the job. Is that really what you expected?  The interview is not only for the employer.

Take notes of the answers! Always bring a notepad and ask permission to take notes. It will demonstrate interest and that you are organized.

So, what are you going to do to be prepared for your next interview? Start by preparing your answers to the most common job interview questions with FasterSkills