Online job interviews have become more and more prevalent in these new COVID pandemia times. Have you adjusted your interview skills to be prepared?

Get Your Technology Ready for the Online Job Interview

It might seem obvious, but you would be surprised how many people are late to their online job interviews due to technical problems.

The first thing you should do as soon as you receive the interview invite is download the software needed (Zoom, Webex, etc.). Try the software before the day or time of the interview. Connect to the software and test both the audio and the video.

It’s key to be prepared to put your video on so make sure you have a working camera. Not turning on your camera during the online job interview is a red flag and will definitely set you back.

Set Your Space for the Interview

It’s important that you set up a space that provides a professional and clean look. The room should be silent, nobody should be crossing behind you nor distracting you. Ideally, the space should look professional, with no background, or have a library/desk background. Do not show anything personal, like your bed and nightstand or your kitchen.

I understand why sometimes this can be difficult but in almost every online meeting software you can use a virtual background so now you don’t have an excuse anymore! Check these professional virtual meeting backgrounds that you can set up.

Don’t forget about lighting! Make sure that you have enough light in the room but it doesn’t reflect on your face so your image in the video is clear and crisp.

What to Wear for an Online Job Interview

Even though you won’t be in person you still have to look professional. You will really benefit from entirely dressing up so you get into the role (and you make sure you don’t stand up showing your shorts). But worst-case scenario, at least from the waist up! As always, find out the type of culture of the company and dress up accordingly, business casual or business formal. Read more about how to dress for a job interview. How you look in an online job interview is as important as when you do it in person!

In terms of colors, avoid dark or bright colors, as well as busy patterns. You can use light colors but make sure they do not blend with the background either.

Rehearse for your Online Job Interview

Practice makes perfect. This applies doesn’t matter what type of job interview you are doing. Prepare the answers to the most common job interview questions:

  1. Please tell me about yourself
  2. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  3. What’s your greatest weakness?
  4. What are your greatest strengths?

Given that this will be an online job interview, you also have to rehearse your camera body language. Additionally, record yourself with the job interview setting and appearance. Important aspects to check:

  1. Your face is in the center of the camera and can be seen clearly
  2. You look into the camera, not the monitor, so the interviewer sees you looking directly at them
  3. Nod to ackwnoledge you understand
  4. Check the audio quality, crisp and clean. If needed, use headphones

The more and earlier you rehearse, the better!

In Conclusion

Doing an online job interview is not much different than doing it in person but there are some extra steps you need to take. Check your technology, prepare the perfect surrounding and rehearse!