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The FasterSkills Interview Coaching Method

The FasterSkills method was proven successful over the years to help candidates secure positions in Fortune 100 companies, multiple Countries, and industries. The reason for its effectiveness is that it was developed using the secrets of successful professionals who shared their first-hand experience in landing very competitive positions.

Successful patterns were discovered, analyzed, and organized in a way that can be simply applied to the right situation once you learn what to look for.

It is well known that different people learn in different ways. This is why we designed our method to be delivered in multiple formats so one can choose the one that will reveal the most effective for him or her.

One last thing we were happy to discover is that although this method was initially developed to help you ace your interview, many people found out they had an advantage applying it in everyday interactions in and outside of the workplace. This will bring you to a whole new level of awareness and allow you to tap even more into your full potential, as a professional as well as a successful individual.

Understand the interview processes

Every company has a different process for interviewing the candidates based on their culture, size, and organizational maturity. Some do a screening by email or phone, some have you speak directly with the hiring manager, you might be meeting one interviewer at a time or one or several panels of interviewers.
During the process, different interviewers are looking for different things. We help you recognize them and prepare to answer in the best way to move to the next step.

All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them. 
– Galileo Galilei

Apply the strategies of successful experts and avoid the most common pitfalls

Every time you interview you learn something new, you guess what you did well and maybe you identify something you could have done better so you can improve it next time. This is a long process and often you do not get a second chance.
We collected, analyzed, and formalized what are the strategies that were proven to help successful professionals land their dream job.

The only source of knowledge is experience 
– Albert Einstein

Prepare to answer behavioral questions

A behavioral question is one that asks you to describe your past behavior in dealing with a specific situation. Interviewers are relying more and more on this type of question because they are very effective in predicting how you will fit in the role.
We have a collection of behavioral questions you can practice with and most importantly a framework to help you easily come up with great answers for them.

Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win 
– Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Read the interviewer’s mind

One of the most powerful techniques to master if you want to set yourself apart from every other candidate is to understand what the interviewer thinks of you. Many times candidates who are smart and very well prepared to answer questions related to the job role fail the interview because they focused on the wrong aspect of what the interviewer was asking and never realized that.
With our framework, you will be able to understand if you are going in the right direction with your answers and promptly correct your aim as needed.

Reality exists in the human mind, and nowhere else. 
– George Orwell

Perfect your answers to sell your skills

Often we work with candidates who are surprised they failed an interview because they thought they made very clear that they had the perfect skillset for the position. The interesting thing is that they do have it. The problem is they were not able to convey it in a way that sounded compelling to the interviewer.
Having interviewed many candidates ourselves we know very well which ones were successful in conveying their skillset in a way that resonates with what the interviewer was looking for and we can coach you on how to prepare answers that align with it.

You only have one thing to sell in life, and that’s yourself. 
– Henry Kravis

Make the interviewer choose you

Plenty of research in a wide variety of industries shows how the likelihood of achieving success in an organization is related to how well you are able to connect with people. This is particularly true during the interview process where you have so little time to give a great impression that sticks better than everyone else’s.
After studying people’s behavior for many years we identified a set of traits that you can show during an interview that not only make the interviewers remember you but have them advocate for you.

Invisible threads are the strongest ties. 
– Friedrich Nietzsche

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