When you are looking for a job you have enough things that keep you busy such as looking for the right company, the right position, prepare your resume, look for referrals, send job applications and more.

Thus it is perfectly normal to feel overwhelmed and get to the very last minute to prepare what is possibly the most important of all things to land your dream job: your interview. This translates leaving you very little time to prepare, and that will only add to the stress preventing you from expressing your full potential during the interview.

Milo was in the same boat when he found us so when he called us super excited about landing his new job preparing in just one day we were so excited for him that we decided to dedicate a full blog post to his interview to motivate and inspire other job seekers to get ready and land the job.

Here is what he told us.

How was your job search going when you decided to try FasterSkills?

During the previous three months of job searching I failed one interview and passed the first round of another one, but not the second one.

When I contacted FasterSkills I had an interview lined up in a few days and the thing which stressed me the most was how to quickly come up with good answers on the spot.

I had limited experience in interviewing with big corporations and I really wanted to get the next one right.

What alternatives did you consider and why did you choose this one?

I first asked for advice to my friends and they were very supportive. They shared their experiences with me but they had different careers, educational background and experiences than me so I could not really get what I was looking for.

I also tried using Google and searching for help but I spent very little time on it. I got lazy and all the websites I found were trying to sell me a “silver bullet” that claimed to help everyone for every interview.

I also considered a coach, but I did not know anyone to trust and I had less than a week to prepare.

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How did you feel before and after working with your FasterSkills coach?

Before I had a high level idea of what to say but everything I had in mind seemed to have the same importance and therefore looked very confused. There were too many things I wanted to mention for some questions and too few for others. In both cases this was stressing me out quite a bit.

After receiving the feedback from my FasterSkills coach I did not feel the same uncertainty. I could prioritize what to say and what to ignore. I think the main breakthrough for me was having a framework to organize my thoughts. I started to feel confident and less stressed and therefore I could focus more on how to tell my story in a way that the interviewer would value rather than feeling insecure at each word. Basically, I finally had a plan.

What are the 3 main things you got from FasterSkills that you feel helped you get the job?

Well, the most important one which solved everything else can be summarized in ‘self confidence’. Once I started to feel confident all the rest started to flow. This was mainly a result of having a map to organize my thoughts rather than having them all scattered in my mind.

Removing the uncertainty on what I should say helped me not only rationally but also emotionally. People would feel the difference in the way I came across. I had my ideas on what I wanted to say and FasterSkills provided me the structure and the flow on how to better convey them.

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How do we know that your story is true?

[laughing] Good question. It’s like in booking.com, how do you know if a review is fake or not? You read it and see if it makes sense to you. Is it generic or specific and rich in details? In any case, if someone really wants to check tell them to feel free to drop me a note, here is my LinkedIn: https://nl.linkedin.com/in/miloertola

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