Job Interview Preparation Guide

Get ready in less than 1 hour

You are probably very busy and it is normal for candidates to find themselves preparing for a job interview at the last minute. This job interview preparation guide allows you to get ready quickly at your convenience. It’s like an interview skills training condensed in an easy to consume format to help you stand out from other candidates

This job interview preparation guide will help you:

  • Prepare your best answers to the most common interview questions:
    •  Tell me about yourself
    •  Why do you want this job?
    •  Why should we hire you over other candidates?
    •  What is your greatest accomplishment?
    •  What is your biggest weakness?
  • Learn from experienced interviewers:
    • What they are looking for in each answer

    • What the red flags  are in each answer

  • Learn from real-life examples:

    • What a great answer looks like

    • What a bad answer looks like

  • (BONUS) Self Assessment Online Mock Interview

  • (FREE) Top experts tips to do well before, during, and after your interview ($10 value)